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Re: A special place in HELL for those who....

I had the same problem when we had our mast down. Some of the bolts were so badly corroded that I had to twist them apart just to get them out. That took a lot of effort to say the least. We only replaced a few at the time, our mast is coming down again in the fall to replace all of them and put corrosion inhibitors on everything (I didn't know about them at the time I replaced the last few).

OTOH a few came out pretty easily and didn't show significant signs of corrosion aside from a small ring of white around where the bolt was in the mast. I'm not sure if this means they used something to inhibit corrosion or if it's just coincidence, but it definitely seemed like some areas were more prone to corrosion than others.

The one I had a particular problem with was the sheave bolt, which was actually frozen in place and covered in some kind of salt residue. I had to break the bolt out of the masthead and knock the sheaves out. Almost all the boats in the masthead were in the same type of state.

The bolts in the mast itself were a different story though. We replaced the bolts holding the upper shrouds and I could hammer them both out without a problem.

It makes me wonder why one area was so difficult but not the others. My assumption was that the saltwater in the masthead came from wet halyards and everything there was more exposed to corrosion as a result. I'd love a better explanation if anyone has one, though.

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