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Re: Origo/CookMate gimbals

Originally Posted by Ritchard View Post
the odd slider hinge is to allow the stove to swing backward(forward?) to sit flat on a surface below the stove, is that it?
That's my best guess. In the first photo in my last post, the stove is showed in the low/nonmoving position. To get it there I lift the stove by the until the slider "disengages" and then push back. During installation, I made sure to mount the swing brackets low enough that I would be able to do this. I think I had the option of mounting the swinging brackets so that it would swing either forward or back, and chose swinging-back because there's a lot of space outboard of the stove, and this bar inboard of it.

That said, nowadays I almost never ever drop the stove into the nongimbaling position. I used to do it only to open the stove and get the burners out, but I've since gotten the hang of doing that with the stove in the gimbaling position.

[/quote]And to accomplish this, the bottom (static) part of the mount plate should be installed at the level of the surface below.[/quote]

Erm... not sure about that. If you're setting things up the way I did then you want the stove to sit on the surface below when in the "swung down"/"low"/"nongimbaling" position, so that sets a limit on the highest acceptable position. The other limiting factor for me is that too high, and it would have been limited in its gimbaling range (and probably its swing as well) by the structures inboard and outboard of it.

I guess I will need to install a shelf above the microwave for the stove to rest on when in gimbaled mode.
Hm. I say "gimbaled mode" to mean "stove is allowed to swing freely with the rolling motion of the boat". So in that case, the stove bottom must not be resting on anything for gimbaling to work.

For non-gimbaling mode, any reason to simply let the stove rest on top of the microwave?

For plannings sake, I guess the stove will swing back about 4 or 5 inches, and drop about the same amount when put into static mode?
Can't recall, though I'm hopefully going sailing today and could probably check for you. In the meantime, a bit of trigonometry can give you the answer (the line from the outboard-most corner to the thumbscrew is at a certain angle from the vertical. Add the maximum angle of heel at which you expect to cook, sine of the angle times distance from corner to thumbscrew gives you the maximum lateral distance of the corner to the vertical line through the thumbscrew).

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