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Re: Lets choose SmackDaddy's new boat...

There was one Hunter that impressed the hell out of me...S/V Sequitur...sailed by a very salty SNer named Michael. You should search his threads here about that sail (as well as his blog if it's still up).

In fact, that H49 not only successfully took him and his wife from Vancouver down around Cape Horn and up to Florida, but held up remarkably well in an F10-11 storm just off the Horn.

Now I won't claim to know the particulars of how the '80's era H40 (or the newer H49 for that matter) is put together, but the ones I've looked at seemed to have held up pretty well for ~30 year old coastal boats. But I do know one thing for sure - real crap sinks in Southern Ocean F11s...every single time. That Hunter did just fine.

So I tend to take the bashing with a grain or two of salt.
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