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Re: What made you buy your boat?

Originally Posted by mad_machine View Post
What made you buy your boat?
Well, I was foolish and kids were growing up, I bought our first boat "Capri 14.2". My son and i sailed her hard. My wife kept staying from the boat after she learned that we often turtled the boat. I think she was on the boat just one time in the last 20 years. I still have the Capri and she is sitting in the warehouse for the last 5 years since I started sailed the keel boat. I have no reason to sail her, so she will sit.

I have not found any good reasons and the boat I really want to sail to the far away places. Without committing a full time sailing and staying on the boat, I can't justify buying one. While I am not using the boat, she is continue to deteriorate. Just go any marinas, there are so many boats that have never left the marina for years. If I buy one, I want to sail her hard.

Many buying a boat for many different reasons. My only reason to get a boat is to sail to the far away places. I enjoy mesh with the locals one port at a time. I don't like to use the word circumnavigate, but it will be close. Perhaps I will sail back to my birthplace.

I don't have a boat, but it does not mean I have to spend my life on Sailnet. Last years, I sailed more than 5,000 nm and the year before that I did about 3,500 nm. This year I expect I will log in about 6,500 nm. All these sea miles are coastal and off-shore. I served as first mate or captain and have learned a lot from others and experienced many rough water

What I am trying to say is you don't need to buy a boat to enjoy sailing.
Buying a boat is expensive and not an effective means to use your resources. But sailing other's boat is much less. Most of time you can get paid per Diem and your traveling expense too.

On the plus side, with you own boat, you can name you own boat, you can call the shot, you are a captain none the less, you can use the boat as a floating condo, you can motor around as your wish. You can spend every weekend with love ones on the boat. When you go to the Boat show, as you are boarding those mega yachts, the sale lady will ask you if you have a boat. You can say: Oh Yeah, we have been a boat owner for 10 years and looking for upgrade. .....LOL

Unfortunately, I don't have a boat, I can't do the above. Fortunately, those are not my objectives and not important for me.

Purchasing a boat is an emotional thing. With a clear and well defined objective, it will minimize the chance that the boat will become a burden later.


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