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Re: Bad things that happen at sea.

Originally Posted by Omatako View Post
Mmmmmm . . . . . .

Unless it's the Titanic most bad things that happen at sea yield a death toll of 2

Bad thing happens in Africa and the death toll is 2 million.

So worse things definitely happen on land, the sea is a really safe place (comparatively speaking).
Genocide is people DOING horrible things to eachother.
When something bad happens at sea it's compounded by the fact that you're at sea. You can't pull over and get off of it. The time it takes help to arrive is measured in hours to day's not minuets, this is worse. if your house catches fire, you get out and stand on the lawn, this is bad. If your boat catches fire, you get in a little inflatable raft, This is worse. If you cut yourself real bad on land, you go to emergancy room and get stitches, this is bad. If that happens at sea, you try and stitch your self up and not bleed out while you fight infection, this is worse. If you get sick on land, a doctor perscribes you medicine, this is bad. At sea you try and diagnose and self medicate, this is worse. If you are having a bad day on land, you can just say screw it and go home. If you are at sea, you're friken stuck out there till you make land. thats worse. If you are in an earth quake prone or tornado prone or war torn area on land, or a famine stricken, plague ridden area, you can get the @#!*% out of that area, that's bad. If you are at sea in a storm, you are at sea in a storm, that's worse. Bad things happen on land, worse things happen at sea.
but I get what you are saying, I'd rather be at sea than be a TU TU at the Hotel Rawanda, that would be worse.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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