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Re: What frequency do toy dail in to pick SSB weather report and weather chart?

Originally Posted by RichH View Post
A complete list of current broadcast schedules and broadcast areas:
For worldwide WeFAX schedules go to

With the 909x be sure to use the AM mode button and switch to USB; if you tune in on AM youll get NADA in reception on a WeFAx freq.
Plus, to fine tune down that 1.9 kHz on a 909x, set the 'step' function to 'small' and tune down using the manual dial. To get precise downloads you really have to fine tune the receiver vs. the fine tune function on the WeFAx app's tuning window to optimize downloading.
Most broadcast WeFax is broadcast in vertically polarized mode .... use your 'long wire' straight vertical orientation if youre having reception problems, if possible to match the orientation of the sending and receiving antennas for 'close' reception.

If you dont have it, consider the "HF FAX" app. (cheap) for use with an iPad; no patch cord required ... or "Multimode" for a Mac; need audio 'patch' cord.
These are very elegant, precise and simple to use apps.
Thanks Rich, this would be very helpful. I am not quite understand your instruction, since I have not mastered the operation of the 909x yet. The manual sucks, may be becasue I am not a radio head.

I have downloaded HF Fax app on my iPad and iPhone; that is the reason why I purchased the 909X. Hopefully this will give me an additional input during the long voyage crewing for other people's boat.

Thanks again.

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