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Re: What frequency do toy dail in to pick SSB weather report and weather chart?

Well if youre intended usage is an iPad and HF FAX app., there is a screen function to help 'fine tune' your radio on the HF FAX app ... just match the two 'peaks' of the wave forms over each 'bar' in the tuning screen to optimize.
You optimize in the app. fine tuning screen by using the 'fine tuning' function on your 909 using the manual tuning control dial.

For 'fine tuning' on the 909x, there is a digital 'bar graph' in the control screen of the radio ... indicating 'full', 'small' and 'none' for the amount of 'tuning' (should be printed on the right margin next to the digital 'window') ... and when your press 'step set' a little arrow beside the bar graph will change to indicate the 'fineness' of the adjustment when turning the manual tuning knob. This full/small/none controls the 'amount' of fine tune .... and when in 'small' you wont see any change in the digital screen output, but you will hear up or down the frequency shift when you slowly turn the manual control. Youll want 'small' to precisely trim the frequency when using the 'tuning' function on your iPad APP.

The Sangean 'instructions' are in "Chinese-lish" and therefore not all that easy to understand.

Ive found that with the iPad HF FAX app and because of its very precise 'tuning' function screen I can get better download precision and with much less 'noise' than with a dedicated demodulator to PC(Mac) set up.
Do control your radio audio output so that the 'volume bar' in the HF FAX app is just 'bouncing' on the far right side end of that digital bar graph scale in the app program ... or youll be over-modulating into the iPad microphone.

The only 'con' with the HF FAX app. is that it doesnt auto-save the WeFAX as do most WeFax demodulator-PC(Mac) programs ... or maybe Im just stupid with the app's auto-save controls.

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