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Re: Starting a business?

It’s a grand dream my friend. Don’t ever let someone put your dreams out to pasture. We all crush enough of our own dreams without letting others do it for us.
That being said, keep in mind the guys you have here in this site live this life style" not chartering" but right next to it. Most are Yachtsmen, most don’t just think, they “know”. They have read many dreamers and watched many make it work and many fail. They have great advice "collectively". Some guy’s optimist by nature and will encourage you, using all the “positive examples” they have in their life. Then there the guys that always have something to say on the other side. Please beware of this….. Look for the signs. Watch for the
• Negative Nancy
• Downer
• Drag
• Debbie Downer
• Naysayer
• Prophet of doom
• Doomsayer
• Futilitarian
Keep your dreams real man... You only live once. If you don’t get it right the first time what have you lost, really? Your time. But you will have learned and gained so much.
You don’t want to forgo safety “ever” and need to be trained before you let any other person on your boat, paying or otherwise. You are the captain of that boat. If someone gets hurt or worse, its all on you brother. so take it seriously. You are young enough to get a lot done in a short amount of time. If things don’t work out you can get back up quickly. Keep in mind that there is some so called old salt’s that have not untied their boats in months. They are some that had dreams before that did not materialize so they figure that no one can do it if they can’t. Then there are some here that have circled the planet by their self. So with that I will say;
Do the Google searches.
1) What are the successful charters doing in the area you want to do it in?
2) What is the pressure? How many are in your market?
3) How long will it take to get it underway?
4) How much will it cost me all together?
5) Water living is not the charter business. Do you want to work were you live?
6) Are you just wanting a way to pay for living at the dock in your boat? There is other ways.
7) how many years are you willing to invest in the process?
Remember if you can’t do it safely don’t do it.
Do it.
God Speed, Capt.Burt

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