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Re: Bad yacht accident: two dead (one rescuer)

Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
It's never good to hear about yachts being lost whilst running bars and even worse when people die because of it.

Paulo, what I don't understand is, if the boat was in the breaking zone and heading for the beach, why on earth did two (not one - but two!) rescue boats head out in 5 metre breakers to get them? Apart from "hero" status, what were they hoping to achieve?? Surely all the rescuers needed to do was to wait on the beach and tell the people on board to don lifejackets??

Can you explain?

I can understand how someone might try to enter a bar in bad weather - and I'm sure you can too. It isn't always that easy to see the breakers from the ocean - and people don't like spending the night at sea, even in a modern plastic boat, when all their friends are telling them they should be in harbour for dinner and drinks at the Yacht Club... Staying out at sea is for old wooden boats and salt-encrusted sailors.
Why did rescuers head out in those conditions? Because that's what they do; they rescue people. I doubt that trying to be a 'hero' ever crossed their minds. My hat is off to them....

You're also glossing over the fact that apparently three of the five people from the boat were in the water, probably from the initial capsize. So telling everyone to don PDF's and stay on board would have been like closing the barn door after the horses were out.

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