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What strategy do you employ when using a drogue

Last year while sailing through Yucatan Channel near Cuba, we were practically surfing down the waves doing 11.5 kn for the whole night. While it was fun and I had a great time being tossed in every direction. In reality, I would like to more control of the boat.

Fast forward to the up coming trip to Panama City (Canal). After eying at the weather for 2 weeks, it is likely that we will have some serious wind and swell from behind. This time the boat is equipped with a drogue. When condition is called for, we will get it ready.

Thinking about make a bridle and using a cow hitch to attach the drogue. Here are the questions:

1. Is there any advantage of having different length of the bridle to minimize the wave motion?

2. Should I sail directly away from the wind and perpendicular away from the wave, or I should sail a bit off either port or standard?

I have not sat down to draw out a few diagrams in different scenarios yet to make my decision. However, if you have done this know the right approach, please share or post a link.

3. In the past, I always sail with a tiny furled main if I have to, but this time we have a storm jib, should I use the storm jib and no main? Pls note, wind is behind us.


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