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Re: Why are the Ladies silent on Sailnet?

I haven't been on in a while but have posted on threads when I felt I had something valuable to add. I posted at length on one thread where someone was asking about the best way to go about moving aboard and maintaining the lifestyle....finances, logistics, etc., etc. and have given advice to "newbies" who are interested in sailing or who have purshased a boat and are learning to sail and have questions I feel I can answer intelligently. However, when I did post and gave my opinions, I did have a few men post after me, some in agreement with what I had said (and were friendly). However, there were two men who posted after me who did not agree with what I has said and were rather rude, to be quite honest. I think those two men may have felt threatened by a female who actually knows a thing or two about sailing/living aboard because of how they responded. Maybe I'm wrong but they could've disagreed with me without being flat out rude...we're all adults here. The posts from those two did, in fact, discourage me from posting anything further and is why I haven't been back on the site until now. I figured I would at least give the site another chance before I gave up on it because, as a live aboard, it's nice to be able to talk to others that are avid sailors or who live aboard themselves, to swap stories, ask/offer advice, etc. So, now that you've brought up the issue of women being silent, maybe I'll start making some noise again and see how it goes!
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