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Re: Opinion - 79 Person 26

It seems like communication got tough way before dude ever got dropped.

Additionally- see #3, From "your book" or rather Merriam- Webster's

Main Entry: 1dude
Pronunciation: \ˈdüd also ˈdyüd\
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1883
1 : a man extremely fastidious in dress and manner : dandy 2 : a city dweller unfamiliar with life on the range ; especially : an Easterner in the West 3 : fellow, guy —sometimes used informally as a term of address
— dud·ish \ˈd(y)üd-ish\ adjective
— dud·ish·ly adverb

Try not to take this fellows question so personally.

I really have enjoyed sailing p26's. Ive had plenty o opportunities on 2 different friends boats. Very fun to sail. Plenty of boat for 2 to head to the Bahamas, or cruise locally. Plenty o boat for a few friends or whatever to daysail.

I have recently aquired a pearson renegade- moved out of a bristol. Like James- I feel like the typical pearson sailing experience is very positive. Not a lot of frustrated pearson owners/ sailors. The p26 is nice and fast too- for what it is. I would say this- there are tons if these- in reasonable shape. This isn't a boat that I personally would buy- planning to recore the decks for instance. Essentially- due to the quantity available- do not buy one that needs "surgery". No mast step Bullcrap, no deck core nonsense. Blisters- a few- whatever, but serious osmosis- no way. Worn sails/ tired rigging- no problem- no outboard- that's fine too- Craigslist has tons. Rudder bearings- just think of them as routine maintenance. There's no excuse for buying one if these that isn't "sail away" "turnkey". I mean dock lines, fenders, flares, life vests, air horn, fire extinguisher etc etc. this is a great boat to shop for, as they are plentiful.

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