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Re: Modern Hull forms and Motion Comfort

Originally Posted by SloopJonB View Post
One - you ARE aware that you are talking to one of the preeminent yacht designers in the world aren't you?
You ARE aware that I have REPEATEDLY said we're saying the same thing, only with different wording, right? I mentioned that when Perry was unable to see that. He is now aware that I'm not disagreeing with him. He even "admitted" that the water plane area, WPA, was just a simple way to look at it (i.e. it's two-dimensional, while my explanation went with three dimensions).

Tip - the Maestro is someone you ASK questions of, not someone you explain yacht design details to.
Tip: Understand what you read before you tell others to be in awe of someone. If you had, you would have seen we were talking about the same thing, only with different wording. I'm sorry I added to the two-dimensional explanation, because we are in reality dealing with volume. I should have taken what Perry said as gospel without attempting to explain things a bit less, well, simplistic.

Also, in some ways boat design is more difficult than rocket science - it requires a big component of artistry whereas rocket science is almost pure math.
"Artistry"? Pfft. It's about compromises and solutions to given problems. If you want to call those things "artistry", be my guest, but you might as well go "It's magic". It's not.

"It's not rocket science" is a figure of speech. I could have gone with "It's not neurological research". Now, better?
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