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Re: Making Distilled Water?

Originally Posted by svHyLyte View Post
. The Tech's at Trojan also specifically indicated that RO Product water is not an acceptable substitute for distilled.

That is interesting. In the old days, the double distilled water is the gold standard of water used in the laboratory. Starting in early 80's RO and deinoized water is the standard in the ultra pure laboratory.

The double distilled water has a conductance of 11 uS/cm and 10 mg/L of dissolved solid while Type II and II water (RO ) has conductance of 1 and 5 uS/cm and no measurable dis-solvable solid.

I use Type I water daily which has conductance less than 0.057 uS/cm in our half million dollars Tandem mass spectrometers. I don't know what to say, but I trust my training in analytical chemistry more than I trust other's.

But in the real world, the life of a battery is fitly. A speck of dust is sufficient to contaminate the battery cell. After all batteries are not manufactured in a sterile and dust free environment. In other words, using distilled or RO water will make no difference in the longevity of the battery.

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