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Re: pintle/gudgeon supplier?

Originally Posted by asdf38 View Post
How hard was it to remove the handrails? I assume they're through bolted all the way through to the interior rails right? How well were things sealed up there?

How long did the paint job take overall? My paint job wasn't done great to begin with by the P.O. (didn't remove deck hardware) and is probably 5-8 years old by now

I'm also quoting a new mainsail and will probably just pull the trigger on that
The hand rails on my boat(built in 1979) are screwed down, not thru bolted. I was able to remove the exterior rails without touch or messing with the interior rails.
The teak rail is bent to shape but not all the way. Removing by myself wasn't an issue but I definitely needed an extra set of hands for re-install.
Originally the rails were sealed up with some type of sealant, I filled the screw holes with thickened epoxy then redrilled as well as using butyl to help seal things up.

The paint job, putting aside prep, was a 4 plus hours per coat. 2 primer, 4 coats of Brightside and 3 coats of non-skid topsides. The hours includes sanding/cleaning/painting between coats, my father helped so that was 4 hours with two bodies. The bigger problem is finding a weather window. Prep took weeks as I was repairing deck rot and dozens+ cracks in the gel coat. One of the many mistakes I made was not to remove the rubrail, choosing to tape it off instead. next time there won't be a piece of "hardware" left on the boat.

Grudgeons, I haven't moved the upper set. For now I still have the orginal setup. When I do add a third one I will leave the original two in place and add the third as high up as possible. I would be interesting to hear about your experience with getting the hardware from the source, Jeremy Rogers. I didn't think to contact him.

New mainsail. I took over ownership of the boat, from my father, about 3 years ago. At the time the mainsail was original and shot, should have been replaced 5 years previous. First order of business for me was to order a new mainsail. I wanted to go local, they have a great rep and make a quailty product. I ended up ordering from Lee sails, an online setup. I am happy with what I got, for a price that was approx 6 - 800.00$ cheaper than local. Looking back I wonder if I should have bought locally, but at the time I had multiple bills to pay, new car(paid cash) marina bill, a new barrier coat was in order etc, so I couldn't justify the difference in price. With that said a mainsail is something a person buys once every 15 - 20 years so why not pay the extra to get a top quality product?
Point being if you are considering buying online I can take some pic's of the mainsail and post them, as well as some thoughts on the experience, let me know.

Good to see other options grudgeon wise, Catalina and Port Townsend Foundary.
thanks for posting them.


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