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Re: Restoring those plastic sink cover cutting board things...

chef, I don't know how you make beef stew, but if you:
1-Cube the beef on the cutting board
2-continue your prep by dicing the veggies on the same board
3-Brown the meat then
4-Add the veggies and meat together into the stewpot

Isn't the cross-contamination really minimal? As those veggies hit the stewpot, perhaps a whole 15 minutes after the meat was cubed, aren't they going to be cooked and "sanitized" the same way that the meat was sanitizing by browning it?

If you are not leaving things to stand around all day, I don't see an issue here. And if you have organized your prep, by dicing the veggies BEFORE the meat, then the question of contamination is eliminated, isn't it?

Which all comes back to the larger issue, that especially with an older generation of less-informed cooks, if you simply understand what's going on, you can control it much better.

Cantalope ?! The infamous germ-laden killer? Forget the cutting boards, how many folks even suspect there is an issue with literally decontaminting the outside of melons and everything they've contacted, because of concerns with fecal matter in the fields?

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