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The guy in the picture you have presented here is Lester Maddox, a past governor of the state of Georgia. IIRC, he is demonstrating his opinion of how the federal government was running the country. In reflection, he may have had a valid point.

In the sixties, and earlier, he owned a cafeteria near the Georgia Tech campus; I used to eat there regularly. (Good food, but not gourmet; wish there were something comparable today. We're being fed garbage since NAFTA, but those who were brought up on fast food don't know the difference.) He had a motorized player piano in the place, and he and his pet myna bird would entertain the dinner guests with whistling accompaniments.

By the late sixties, the Tech campus was expanding, and the Pickrick (the name of the cafeteria) building became the home of the Georgia Tech Placement Center. Today (actually, 10 years ago -- I haven't been on campus in a while .. have to be careful here), it also houses the Campus Security Office.

How he came to be governor is a classic story in American politics. A republican candidate had (probably -- I must be cautious, there is a picky lurker monitoring this site) won the election, an event that was not to be allowed. After a couple of vote recounts, the election was thrown into the Georgia House of Representatives (there may not have been any republican legislators at that time -- maybe one or two at the most), and Lester was elected governor by that august body.

The anonymous face is now no longer anonymous, although I expect there are some on this side of the pond who recognized it. Thought you might be interested to know.


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