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Re: Why a racer for cruising discussion...

Must be why Chevy builds cars and trucks, same as ford, same as dodge.......Mercedes are similar, there is not ONE boat model or brand that will suffice for everyone!

Frankly, I prefer my Jeanneau over a catalina of the same vintage. One it is typically 20-30 secs a mile faster in handicap. Even a Cat 30 which is 2' longer than me, I am dang near on par in all measures as a C28mkII! The interior look and feel is different between the two! Even for a mid 80's model and design.

While I and many other Jeanneau affecionado's do not like the newer interior wood look, only so much one can do about it, when many manufactures are trying to stretch som resources. Teak being one of them, so they ar grinding it up, making it sorta look real with shavings. which can stretch a given lb of teak wood farther. ALso allowing the cost to stay lower! Whether this is good or bad.....not going to say one way or the other, as I think I have already said the why. No different than iron vs lead keels. Lead is 10-20 times as expensive as iron lb for lb. 4000 lbs of lead vs iron.......adds up to $20K just in metal alone! Saving the buyer some money in the beginning. Be it good or bad, again, up to you to decide!

As far as a type of boat.....a race cruiser which Jeanneau is NOT currently advertised as, the old Sun Fast models were, the Sun Odessey models have all mostly been cruise /race to currently "Performance Cruisers". Catalina gets advertised as a cruiser! Cruiser vs performance cruiser means slower! just as cruise/race will be faster than aperf cruiser, but slower than a race/cruiser or racer! WIth in a given relm of boat, a slow race cruise may be slower than a fast cruise/racer! or have a nicer interior, but that manufacture chooses to sell as a race/cruise vs cruise/racer!

WOuld I buy a catalina.....wife has found one or two she likes, generally speaking, she goes in, says yuck, walks out. Brians wife does this with jeanneaus. Both purr in the opposite boat. Only really matters to brian and I as we are married to these women. Otherwise, frankly it really does not matter!

My boat I would like to have a shower,much less 2 showers! A generator? not likely....

J105's were basically designed to race, but can cruise. Head room is 5'8", just taller than the ave female! Designer assumes these buyer owners will spend every other night or so in a B&B, the rest at anchor maybe, or at a dock! Cruising to some!

What your style of cruising is, will depend upon the type of boat you own!\


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