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Re: Angry at my surveyor....

For What It's Worth, I know of no yachts without a "To Do" list that never seems to shrink. The issues will be more or less severe and are normally addressed in the order of their importance (to the owner) and not in the order of their appearance or addition to the list. Consequently, some items are repeatedly pushed down the priority list and, as so, many become accustomed to leaving them aside--until, of course, the minor issue becomes major, such as the "Soft Wood" (which I assure you can become "major" much more quickly than one might imagine).

Considering the foregoing, an insurance surveyor may do one a favor--re-awakening one to issues one has become so accustomed to that one fails to appreciate prospective impacts. It is not unlike being required to take a Traffic Safety Class after having received a ticket (in lieu of points on ones driver's license). While time consuming and a pain in the neck in some respect, one is re-awakened to the needs for awareness and moderating one's behavior behind the wheel--or aboard ship.

In the OP's case, he/she was evidently not aboard the ship at the time of the survey which, if so, was certainly an error. A surveyor cannot in an hour or two, find/discover things in obscure locations that may seem obvious to the owner--e.g. up-to-date flares or a carbon-monoxide detector--unless the owner is there to point them out.

N'any case, the enumerated issues are not so great that they cannot be rectified fairly quickly and easily and a Certificate of Compliance completed and provided to his/her insurer to resolve the matter. (Of course, providing such a Certificate without making the corrections will void one's coverage, even if an otherwise covered incident may not involve any of the listed issues).

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