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Re: Angry at my surveyor....

Originally Posted by MedSailor View Post
1: Soft wood at the tab in a forward bulkhead. (Is a soft bulkead really an ABYC standard??? Couldn't find it if it is. They also don't provide much strength to my boat.)
2: Household wire nuts found in 3 locations. (2 are decommissioned wires and one was unknown to me)
3: Start of soft wood at the aft end of the bowsprit (been keeping an eye on this. Again, is there an ABYC standard for this?)
4: Fuel gauge wiring is bare wire and needs terminal. (gauge broken, is on the to-do list)
5: Shifting cable starting to rust through. (Just found this at haulout definitely need to replace)
7: Engine exhaust hose single clamped (don't know how I, or my previous surveyor missed something so obvious)
8: Inverter positive wire terminal exposed (news to me. I never use it. Will fix)
10: Fuel fill hose at deck is single clamped. (didn't know it needed double)
So out of the 10 things that need to be replaced only 2 can be checked off the list. I'm not seeing how this surveyor was a "dick". You agree with a lot of what he found and have it on your to do list. Maybe his choice of words could've been different, but I don't think it's off the mark.

If anything you need some connectors, heat shrink tubing, and a fuel gauge. Not exactly what I would call a complete re-fit. Why so angry?

I agree with Bubblehead, the wood repairs will need to be done eventually, and they won't be cheap or easy.

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