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Re: Restoring those plastic sink cover cutting board things...

chef, I think he was proud of what he did and how he did it--in contrast to the way the industry was run then. Bear in mind that was a time when "good sanitation" meant that evey diner, grocer, butcher or restaurant kept a CAT in the store to keep down the mice. You got a cat wandering around on the countertops in your restuarants? I don't think so, even though I've seen more than one and I've seen health inspectors ignoring them.

Of course, when I was a kid I could order a PINT of coleslaw and get it. Today? That's illegal in many states, and the coutner help doesn't know what a pint is. They're required to sell by the pound, even though they still use pint containers.

You may use an ice paddle (interesting that the vendor calls it a wand, not a paddle) to chill things, but I can assure you the local diner and restaurant don't. These places have cooks, not chefs, and if you are lucky the cook doesn't let the cat walk on the counter.

And please don't use that particular ice wand in my food, apparently it is polycarbonate, which means it will still be leaching BPAs into the food. Is that any worse than dropping a steak, brushing it off, and putting it back on the plate? Maybe not. I've seen dropped food picked back up in "respected" kitchens. Doubtlessly not in yours--but the local McBurger franchise IS in the same industry you are in, aren't they? Somewhere in between, is reality. That doesn't mean you're playing on the same level, just that you're in the same general line of business.

"Black cat, white cat, all same, all catch mice." See? Chairman Mao was in the food business, too.
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