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Re: Restoring those plastic sink cover cutting board things...

Tomatoes are god's way of reminding you to sharpen your knife.

I've only needed a serrated bread knife once, when I accidentally baked one loaf of bread with an armored crust.

chef, using a scale (and why does it measure "pounds decimal" without being able to show ounces?) doesn't ensure honesty. We've got a law that all weights have to be tared--but the shops never tare the purchase, and the enforcement department only questions that when someone wants a payoff at an inspection. Yes, that happens regularly.

For me, if I order a pint of whatever-salad, that means I want one pint container, full up, and I could care less what it weighs. I just want it full. If the counterman doesn't fill it, or fills it with olives and juice instead of just the olives, I can see it and let him know. I don't care if he charges by weight, as long as I can order by volume. The new generation behind the counter? Hell, they don't even know which is the pint container, even though it says "16 ounces - one pint" on the bottom.

That was also part of the art of personal service: If you went in to a shop regularly and they counterman had any brains, any time you ordered a pound of something, he'd let it go slightly OVER on the scale, your bonus for being recognized as a customer. You both knew you were looking at the scale.

So there are pros and cons to the new system, and the pensioners who order just a quarter pound of something and then get charged for the plastic or paper when it isn't tared? Yeah, they're getting shortchanged even with the fancy new scale. Some things don't change.

BPA: OK, maybe I should re-examine wooden boats. (VBG) But when it comes to what I eat, I have some easy choices and once of them is to just avoid the chemicals whenever I can. If I used a one-liter pop bottle instead of a cooling gizmo, voila, no BPAs. But if I want to cool a turkey quickly? Nah, I'm just going to throw it in the freezer. One-trick ponies aren't for me, the stable isn't big enough.

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