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Re: Iy 10.98, Solaris 37 and Salona 38

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Hi Chimbatete,.... long absence

Do you have a boat already?

The first time I heard about that boat was when I was test sailing the Salona 38, two years ago. The guy that was test sailing the boat with me was trying to decide between a Salona 38 and a IY 10.98. I don't know what boat he had chose, he was really undecided.

To tell you the truth I have never be inside the IY 10.98 but visited the IY 13.98

The quality of design and finish of the IY 13.98 is awesome and I am assuming the IY 10.98 has the same quality. The movie and the photos I have seen show a very nice interior but that is not the same as to visit the boat.

Talking about the 13.98, it won the 2013 European boat of the year contest for the best luxury cruiser. Yes that's right, luxury cruiser and it is the first time that a performance boat won that on the Luxury category. This gives you an idea of the boat finish...and also a hint in what regards price.

It is a great praise to Salona 38 that a guy interested in the IY 10.98 was comparing it with a Salona 38. For comparison you have to look not at Salona but to the Solaris 37. The YI 10.98 will be faster, more adapted to a dual use (regatta and cruising) and the Solaris will be less nervous and probably a better bluewater boat due to his bigger weight. Not that I would have any problem with the IY offshore, even to cross the pound or to cruise extensively, but I travel light

The Salona 38 is not on the luxury class

It has a good interior, well finished but it cannot be compared in interior quality to any of these boats. you can compare them with Halberg Rassy or with Arcona, not with a Salona, but then the price is not comparable too.

If that is what you want and have the money for a Solaris or a IY probably you will have a boat that will give you great pride to own and a very beautiful and fast boat.

Back to the Salona 38, the boat can be ordered in many configurations but only a top one will be able to compete with the IY 10.98 in regatta terms. The difference in price will not be so big but will be still substantial.

The Salona 38 is a bigger boat (more half a meter) and for the pictures, it seems that you can notice that on the interior. The Salona 38 will be faster than the Solaris 37 and will offer a great price regarding the quality. The Solaris and the IY are not build to a price, or at least that does not show, they are perfect and perfection does not comes cheap


Neue Salona 38 im Schwerwettertest - Yacht TV - Segel Videos von Europas größtem Yacht Magazin

I don't understand what the J 111 has to do with any of these boats. The J 111 is much of a racer with an interior that will only provide a very spartan cruising. Anyway to race a J111 you need a lot of experience and a crew. Have you been sailing and racing?


Hi Paulo,

We are in hibernation during winter. I have been looking for boats but the great Lakes have very limited option as far as more modern designs. Only boats here on somewhat similar style are the Js and some mid 2000s C&Cs(out of budget and not sure I'd want one). I've been crewing on different boats and has moved up to deckwork on symmetrical kites. As far as boat hrs there's no problem coz I do not miss a race night or regatta although I wished I could be steer more ithink I can handle 30-35 ft no problem. Looking more for performance cruisers that's easy to shorthand since I prefer to race on other people's boats

My budget is 50k so a small comet 26 would have been perfect. But I also look for some boats in the future since I got a house already and is only interested in investing on a boat for the rest of my life. In other words, I am not interested in saving for anything else.

As for the comparisons with the Js I was just making a point that for example the J108 is about the same price for a performance cruiser but doesn't look quite as good as the 10.98. It begs the question as to why? Is the quality not as good for the 10.98 or is it the j108 is overpriced? You've been raving about the Salonas, would be interesting if they have it in N/A.

It is nice to go on the website of Italia yachts because they have a lease calculator so yes its within reach

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