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Re: waxed gelcoat?

Originally Posted by bristol299bob View Post
I will be doing a small fiberglass repair next weekend. Its a little bigger than a sq ft. I'll require a layer or two of fiberglass. I intend to finish it with a layer or two of gelcoat. Its that second coat of gelcoat that i'm wondering about.

I've got some "waxed gelcoat" .... gelcoat with wax mixed in. I've used it a few times already. It air dries; my understanding is that the wax migrates to the surface so that it will cure. So no need to overspray with PVA. I've only used it as one coat so far.

With this stuff, what about a second coat? Can I do it while the first is still tacky? or will the wax interfere? Is it better to wait until fully cured, and clean with acetone before the second coat?

or should I skip this stuff altogether and go with "regular" gelcoat and spray the final coat with PVA?

You can use the waxed gelcoat as a second coat
If you need to apply another coat the waxed gelcoat will have to be well sanded.before applying other coats.

I use the same waxed gelcoat on several coats each time sanding down until I have a smooth surface that i can then use finer grade wet and dry sandpapers on and then when all is looking good i then polish it with a compound cutting paste until it shines.
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