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Re: Will USCG fly over Cuba airspace?

Originally Posted by canucksailorguy View Post
Some of you people need to take a reading comprehension course from what I can see here. Did I say anything about prices in Cuba? No - and did I say I was trying, did I even infer that I was trying to convince myself
No. So learn to read for comprehension, not to support your own uninformed biases.
Some of you, rather than note that this is in a sailing thread, INSIST on dragging politics into the discussion. Do me and the rest of us a favour - take your whining and pewling about Cuba - a country most of you have never been to and know far less about than you seem to like to think you do - and deal with it in the OT forum.
The people of Cuba know that life isn't what it could be, but they make the best of what they have, and they do it with remarkable cheer and goodwill and personal kindness to one another.
Try and learn from them. They may be poor, they may be living in a dictatorship, life may be hard but nonetheless and despite all of that, I can see how a few of you would benefit from the lesson.
So, you really think, that you can talk about sailing to a country, where the people who live there, undera dictatorship, and are killed or imprisoned when they try and leave, or have an opinion contray to that allowed by the rulers, and you can just leave that completely out of the conversation?

I guess that would be more fun. Sorry to spoil your Cuba party.

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