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Re: Bottom paint: Micron Extra/CSC, Pettit Ultima SR-40/SR-60

Originally Posted by 4arch View Post

I used 2 coats of SR-60 over 2000e last month and "hot coated" the first coat of SR-60. I didn't have any issues. The boat's back in the water now though, so if any long-term issues come up, I won't know for a while.

I'd be curious to check out the literature you were looking at if you have a link? I found Pettit's TB-Z155 Bottom Painting Bare Fiberglass technical bulletin advised applying SR-60 to their 6999 Sandless Primer tack-free. But as far as I can tell, the 6999 is not an epoxy product. Their 4700/4701 looks to be a 2-part epoxy barrier coat more similar to the 2000e. I couldn't find any info specific to SR-60 over the 4700/4701.
4arch : You are right! I just checked and I guess I had a brain fart. The requirement for tack free for the SR60 was for the 6999 Sandless Primer. The Pettit Protect epoxy primer has times to wait before coating with bottom paint. No distinction is made for any Pettit bottom paint.
3. Apply the first coat of Pettit antifouling paint overthe last coat of epoxy within the specified overcoating schedule shown
Hull Temperature To Bottom Paint(Hours)
90 F 3*‐*6
70 F 5*‐*8
50 F 7*‐*10
If these dry times are exceeded, you must sand the last coat of epoxy thoroughly with 80 grit production paper before applying antifouling paint or apply another coat of epoxy if recoat window has not been exceeded. Do not apply antifouling paint before the minimum dry time, as mud cracking of the antifoulingmay result.

This seems similar to what Interlux says for Interprotect 2K. Thanks for catching my error! I was about to throw in the towel and just use Micron Extra as I really don't want any adhesion problems. FWIW, Interlux seems to have really good customer support between their reps and the online help forum. Pettit has also been responsive in returning emails, though the responses are a bit light on detail. Pettit customer service did say that the SR-60 will bond well with the barrier coat. To be fair, I've been asking both companies a question about how their product will work with another companies product.
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