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Re: Why a racer for cruising discussion...

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post

I am not taking anything you say personally. I agree with your signature earlier: in friendship. This is simply a discussion about boats and use, especially as it pertains to racing type boats.
Nice to now that but Brian in what regards cruising boats you keep thinking that only what is good for you, even if that is good for most, is good to all.

Simple logic should have already finished this discussion a long time ago.

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
My point in all of this, which I may not have explained well, is to discuss the feasibility of certain boats for cruising. ... I have laid out exactly what I carry and the space it takes up. My point in doing that was to discuss what we carry, how it would fit in other boats, what might be excluded, and the repercussions/impacts of putting the chosen items on other boats....You will find that if you are a cruiser, you will carry these items too.
That is quite simple: a boat is feasible to cruise and to voyage extensively if there are cruisers that cruise and voyages extensively in it and finds it adequate for that.

That completely invalidates what you call your point: There are lots of cruisers cruising and voyaging on those boats and they do that by choice.

I find amusing that you fail to understand that some would prefer to voyage in those boats and even more amusing your incapacity to understand that those that like to voyage in those boats in conditions that you would find Spartan would find boring your boat and would prefer theirs. Brian, some of those boats are expensive, some more than yours

The fact is that there is not only a lonely sailor doing that but entire families some even in real racing boats (adapted). The fact is that you don't have to command a special design to a NA to do that or adapt a solo race boat, there are many performance cruising designs for that kind of voyaging, some even made in small production (and the RM and Pogo in more than small production).

The stuff you carry and think it is indispensable is only indispensable for you, not obviously for the ones that cruises and voyage on those boats (an hair-drier, for god-sake I never used an hair-drier in my entire live and that is not a problem to my sons or to my wife either). Luxury for her is to pass her hair with fresh water each two days.

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
So to be clear, I was trying to discuss boats from a cruising point of view. I wanted to be specific and make this an educational discussion. This thread was never to pick out the perfect boat. It was also in no way to say you cannot cruise on a particular boat. It was simply a thread of information and discussions on what works, what we each like, what we don't like, and the tradeoffs of certain boats if you chose them for cruising (specifically racer-cruisers) and why. ..
I don't think you are being completely honest about this (not saying it is intentional). you are not trying to understand why some prefer to voyage and cruise in boats that you call racers (instead of performance cruisers) or why do they prefer that.

That is a fact:

they voyage and cruise and they prefer to do that on those boats, that is not disputable.

Some are even production boats made expressly for fast cruising and unsuitable for racing, like the RM or the Pogo.

It would be interesting if this discussion was a balanced one and you were trying to understand why they prefer those boats to your boat and how they live in them instead of trying to say that those boats are not cruising boats, neither the ones that sail them are cruisers, because you cannot put in them all the stuff that you consider indispensable for cruising.

Brian, they cruise and voyage on those boats, they like those boats, they like to cruise and live the way they do. It is not a question of money, those boats are expensive. A 40ft performance voyage boat is probably more expensive than your boat and if you want one you have to go to a long waiting list while the Catalina 400 has no clients that justifies it to be kept in production.

Not saying this to say that the Catalina 400 is a bad boat you know that is not my opinion, but Brian there are more long range cruisers buying Pogos and RM than Catalina 400, they exist and they don't like your boat,the same way you don't like theirs.

You don't like their boat because you cannot put all your stuff inside (and that is not even truth in what regards a RM or a Pogo with the same length) and they don't want your boat for cruising or even sailing because it is boring to sail and slow.

I know that you think your boat is fast one but believe me, for the ones that chose to cruise in performance boats your boat is a slow one that does not even have a traveler near the wheel or a fractional rig, a back stay adjuster not to mention weight or a inefficient shallow keel (the Pogo has a swing keel and can have less draft than your boat).

Yes I know that you think all that is for racing but you fail to understand that those that sail those boats enjoy sailing and like to have their sails perfectly trimmed and have pleasure in sailing a fast and responsive boat. That is not only a question of speed but a question of sailing pleasure.

I don't pretend or want to change your cruising style but I hope to have contributed to answer to your question: Why some prefer to cruise in a performance boat and they do, THAT'S A FACT as it is a fact that there are in the market performance cruising boats designed for them, even some pointed to long range cruising.



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