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Re: Rebuild head, or replace, and with what?

Originally Posted by jimgo View Post

We have a Groco head in our boat (not sure of the exact model), and at the very least, it needs to be rebuilt. The innards are easily 3 years old, and I don't know what they were exposed to in the interim. Before I let my wife and kids aboard, I'd really like to know that I have a working head. So, I'm now left with the conundrum of rebuilding or replacing. I've done enough household plumbing to know that I REALLY don't like doing plumbing work. I have a strong stomach, but still, I'd rather not be anywhere near those odors or the contents of the holding tank. Thus, I'm leaning toward replacing the head (which I understand is typically the cleaner and faster job), but I'm open to rebuilding it if that's really the better bet. If replacing is the better option, what are the better "budget buys"? We're already spending enough on other stuff that I'd rather not put $400-500 into a toilet.

I saw some reviews online, but most seem to be several years old, and I can't find anything more recent. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

Check the base of the head. If it is plastic definitely replace. If it is bronze painted white its a newer model and you could probably be ok with a new pump or rebuild kit. My original Groco had the plastic base so i replaced the whole unit. The bolt pattern on bronze base is slightly different so you will likely need two new holes (of the four) for the base.
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