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Re: Why a racer for cruising discussion...

I 59’
J 17.5’
P 52.74’
E 18.5’
sorry can't figure out how to transfer sailing polar.

Don't understand why Paulo makes inference he does. Thought seriously about building a "state of the art" high performance cruiser. Wouldn't have done so if I did not respect those vessels. I understand why some folks are drawn to the fastest thing afloat and prefer those vessels. I've owned many bikes and cars and some that were driven mostly on "track days" only. I understand the fascination with speed. I choose a boat that in the spectrum of boats currently afloat is fairly fast but clearly many boats are faster. I did a Newport to Bermuda race where the owner of the tri went through our personal kit to eliminate any excess weight ( we won). But I, like many, will sacrifice a bit of speed to not be concerned about those issues. Wife likes to do her hair and a nice hot shower is a pleasant anytime and anywhere. The issue of expense is not relevant to this decision. At $525K base boat and most going out with $100 to $200K over that Outbounds aint cheap. Phil is still taking new orders for 46s and 52s. Must be a reason. I have no problem with those making other decisions and see the merit. But it seems you have issue with the fact that Outbound is also a joy to sail in anything from ghosting to 50kts.
Not going to pick up the gauntlet anymore Paulo. We just see things differently. Guess it comes with the temperance of age.
GeorgeB. Do what's right for you. The h-ll with this thread. It hasn't gotten focused to the reasonable question you posit. If the extra money means you will have more security and joy on land keep the C34. She a sweet boat and very capable. If it's on your bucket list to cruise the world with your lady and occasional guests go for it. To return to Paulo's examples then decide is it on a Lambo, Mercedes or Landrover. Remember the Ford gets you to the same place too and aint so bad at all. Don't think you would be unhappy on anyone of these (grin).

s/v Hippocampus
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