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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?


At the risk of coming off as confrontational I must comment on your post.

To start with, I don't think you are being mean-spirited and I'm guessing you really must think this to be true. However, what I ask is that you please do not fall into the trap in thinking that just because things have been a certain way in the past that it will always be that way in the future or that the explanations given in the past are still true or automatically valid for all time.

For myself, I have a Ph.D. in physics and know many women who have similar professional abilities (mathematics, spatial reasoning, science, engineering). I also know many who have been actively discouraged from similar pursuits by men (and women) because it was not deemed "appropriate" for a girl/woman.

As for sailing I have observed many women who sail with men who are in charge. Then there are those women who I suspect let the men take charge because of old habits, social pressures and cultural norms they have internalized, not because they cannot do it. I wonder how many men do not let their wives be in charge because they fear that their male buddies would make fun of them?


Originally Posted by jameswilson29 View Post
Men and women have genetically-determined differences (pretty obvious) based on evolutionary roles, even in the way their brains work.

On average, men have greater natural mechanical and spatial relations ability than women do. In the prehistoric hunter-gatherer phase of evolution, men were programmed to be the hunters and women were programmed to be the gatherers. Hunting requires different skills from gathering, and vice versa.

Although either of the sexes are free to choose their educational direction and occupations in the free industrialized world, there remains a much greater proportion of men in engineering, math, architecture, the physical sciences, mechanics, construction, and computer science.

Many believe that natural abilities create needs to express those abilities.

Very few occupations today satisfy those needs resulting from our evolutionary abilities; most people in the workforce no longer use their hands to create things.

Consequently, men gravitate toward activities, hobbies and sports involving construction, the mechanics of how things work, and moving through three dimensional space, such as sailing. Sailing satisfies basic needs and challenges basic abilities that proportionately more men than women possess. Therefore more men are interested in and involved in sailing.

The same is true for automobile racing and a number of other pastimes.

Sorry, that is the way the world is. You are only surprised by this if you choose to believe the nonsense that everyone is the same at birth and its only environment and conditioning that determine who we become.
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