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Re: What is the quietest fresh water pump?

Originally Posted by jbeahon View Post
Capt. Len,
Do you have a picture or a drawing of this installation? I'd like to try it but I'm not sure I understand how it can be done with only two lengths of 2" hose. Seems like you'd need one for each of the four mounting bolts. Thanks.
One only needs a length of hose slightly longer than the distance between the mounting feet on the pump with the ends of the hoses cut at a 45 angle, the long side being down for mounting screws of bolts. Set the pump on the first length of hose and mark the points where the mounting bolts will be. Then, drill through those points with a bit about the size of the mounting bolts using a few odd pieces if the hose, similarly drilled, as a backing inside the hose itself. Slip the mounting bolts through the pump "feet" and then through the hose and backing pieces. A little dab of Lanacoat on ones finger will allow one to position and hold first a cut washer and then a nyloc nut over the bolt ends to get the threads started after which one can use a box wrench to hold the nut while tightening the mounting bolts from above. Once the hoses are secured to the mounting feet, the long sides of the diagonally cut hose are through bolted or screwed to the deck or bulkhead where the pump is to be mounted. The hose lengths then act as a vibration dampener and will substantially reduce vibrations/noise from the pump. BTDT...

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