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Re: Why a racer for cruising discussion...

Now you are sorta kinda down to the what I was saying earlier, or JeffH sometimes says, if you want to carry the farm on board, you need to increase disp for a given size, OR go longer! Jeff mentions comparing boats IIRC by disp or WL.

Either way you look at it, you need the SA for X lbs disp to ghost you along in lighter winds, or sails that allow you to ghost, or you use the perverbial iron genny like we need to do here in the salish sea if you want to get some where. In the middle of the ocean, a drifter would come into play very nicely!

If you want a boat as Paulo suggests, you need to go longer to get the disp such that one can place the water tanks etc in a manner as to not make the designer, say some bob perry dude rotflhao! or make if fuller with more disp for a given size.

Personally, Brian needs to go longer if he could afford, or find a longer equal style catalina if that is his prefered brand, such that performance is not killed as much with the junque/junk he carries. No different that I see with folks with land yachts/RV's, they think they will load 700-800 lbs in their rigs. usually closer to 1500 lbs, or more if living in it per say as Brian and family are doing. They as Brian has done IMHO, not payed attention to the actual payload that a given boat/rv can carry, with out hurting performance!

I could do quite nicely with a boat as Paulo suggest, and FT10 or equal around here for how I travel. Wife on the other hand. looks at the different DS style boats and purrs. But most of them are slower than dead slugs going backwards! it comes down to finding something in the middle, that is nice inside for her, but has speed fun potential for me. This is probably how most of us have to choose a boat, along with budget!

In the mean time, there is "NO PERFECT BOAT" for everyone! just as we humans look different, we all have a what is our perfect boat, which WILL be different than someone elses.


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