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Re: Marvels Mystery Oil

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
A diesel guy that I know said MMO is not a good idea for diesels. He does, however, suggest Cetane booster, especially for larger diesel engines. Of course, if you buy these, you'll notice that some say you can use up to twice the dose and he says that's just marketing to keep the price reasonable. You need twice the dose to really make a difference. Biocide is the other must add for diesel fuel, but not attributed to the same guy.
As an additive for my diesel fuel, I've mostly been using Stanadyne Lubricity Formula lately... When I run out of what I have, I may switch to Opti-Lube, a top performer in an independent study of diesel additives...

You're right about Marvel Mystery and diesel fuel. In the above test, it was one of the worst performers of all those additives tested, scored lower than Used Engine Oil, and actually degraded the performance of the baseline fuel tested...

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Perhaps the best thing you can do is to just change the oil more regularly than required. Both time and hours degrade oil performance. You don't necessarily have to change the filter more regularly. If you just suck out the oil and pour in new, it's about a 15 min job.
I think the single best thing one can do, is the addition of a bypass oil filtration setup to your engine... Most regular oil filters operate within the range of 50-80 microns, whereas a bypass filter can filter impurities as small as 1-2 microns... That's a HUGE difference that is bound to pay dividends over the long haul - and when coupled with a routine of engine oil analysis, takes the guesswork out of scheduled oil changes, and can often result in extending the change intervals to a significant degree with confidence...

Steve D'Antonio had an excellent article on bypass filtration in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of PASSAGEMAKER, though I don't believe it can be found online...

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