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Re: You are NOT "FISHING"

The real problem is ignorance.
I think a lot of powerboaters just have the mindset of shove the throttle forward and go like hell! Not all, but just enough to give a bad impression. Sort of like bad cops; doesn't take but a few knuckleheads.

And not to stereotype boaters, but the reality is *MOST* sailors have a better knowledge of the rules as well as having better seamanship skills.

Personally I don't want to interfere w/ someone else's activity of choice on the water for
the simple reason that I don't always trust them or what they may do. And that depends on context. In a serious race w/ serious racers I KNOW that port tacker is going to either duck me (missing my stern by a foot or two if not inches) or tack or feels he's going to make it and probably will. And I know I can take action if need be. A less serious race I might stretch out the safety zone a bit but I still feel fairly confident everyone knows what the hell they're doing.

OTOH, just out daysailing around Annapolis on a weekend... uh, no, I don't trust that guy that's got poorly trimmed sails in a clunker of a boat and a wake that looks like a snake. I'll tack away from him almost every time regardless of my "rights". Cause it just isn't worth the hassle.
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