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Re: You are NOT "FISHING"

Originally Posted by GeorgeB View Post
Dabnis, Jack, interesting and useful information in this thread. Can you help me understand the diagram for the fishing trawler? Are there fishing lines suspended under the float bags in addition to the “deep lines” off the outriggers? Am I to assume that there is also a single float line off the stern? How rapidly do these lines “sink” after the float bags? In short, how far back behind do I need to go so I can safely duck a trawler? I see fishing boats running all the time with just their birds out for stability. So, I really need to look for the day shape and for the other fishing gear out? Fortunately, encounters with these types of fishermen are pretty rare for me outside the gate but I still want to be courteous.

On the second day of the Vallejo Season Opener one year, the racing fleet of close to a hundred boats were moving down the Mare Island Straits towards the Sacramento River. A herring trawler cranked up his RPMs to get ahead of the racers and right before the confluence, promptly began to set his nets. As you probably can figure, with the deep channel now blocked off, pandemonium ensued as the fleet squeezed between the nets and the nearby shallow water.

Another time, we were fortunate enough to be leading the race as we approached the windward mark (a government buoy). A guy was fishing right next to the buoy and yelled at us that he had the ROW because he was fishing. I yelled back to him suggesting that he tell the same thing to the twenty odd boats that were hard on my heels. He did move after the third or fourth racer’s close approach.

That diagram is a bit hard to read. I will try to find a better one in the morning. There are many variations on gear configuration. Basically, we had the equivelent of 6 downriggers with 6 to 8 lines(then) stacked on each downrigger wire. Different ways to spread them with the outrigger poles.
I will see if I can find a better diagram tomorrow.

Paul T
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