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Re: Marvels Mystery Oil

We used to use Marvel Mystery Oil in our gasoline engines on the farm. A lot of equipment is seasonal use so it may sit for several months between uses. When the valves started to stick in one of the many old side valve engines on the various pieces of powered equipment, we would add a few ounces to the tank and then with a squirt can, squirt MMO into the intake of the running engine. This would often free up stuck valves and let the engine run well in just a few minutes. During the oil spray treatment, the smoke was terrible if pretty smelling.

An Atomic 4 is just another old side valve flat head gas engine. Not a reason in the world for it not to work there just as well as it did in every thing else.

We even used it in 2cycle engines, including outboard motors, that were low on compression and hard to start. Squirt some in the intake, crank it a few times and then let it set for a few hours. It would cut the crud that was causing the piston rings to stick and get them going as well. We used MMO and a lot of ether to get stuff going. Once it was going, the MMO helped keep it going.

I was told that MMO had cinnamon oil and oil of cloves in it. Don't really know. We also used it for penetrating oil. It worked better than some of the stuff that was sold as penetrating oil.

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