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Re: NE Insurance Rates - Reasonable?

Originally Posted by Harborless View Post
...its just ridiculous im treated like a freighter or something.
Because you can cause damage on par with a freighter. Imagine...storm, your boat is caught on video having an old designed cleat break (metal fatigue over 30 years had weakened it) careening across the marina damaging docks, other boats, finally putting a hole in a oil tank....causing a spil...then sinks blocking/hindering the cleanup effort. Its not hard to imagine a million dollar liability tere. So, the insurance co needs to price you as a risk.

Is it so wrong to want to sail exotic and remote places to find peace and happiness? FFS im sorry im not waiting around twenty years to have the cash you type-minded people want me to have.
Nothing wrong with it...its just that you're being reckless/negligent when you go uninsured/underinsured. Just like when you dont carry health insurance and go to the ER for treatment...we all pay. Everyone takes risks in life, and if you go uninsured, just know what you're getting into beforehand. The question is are you wiling to live with the consequences...bankruptcy, loss of good name, lawsuits, ruined life/credit for 10 years if you were to cause a bad enough accident and be underinsured?

Many people are "judgement proof" and drive around anyway. They're broke make no money have no marketable skills. If they crash into someone and cause damage...(as long as isn't a criminal case)..they're impossible to sue because they *have* nothing. "Freedom is having nothing left to lose" right???

I am sorry the law have become what they are, the world is become an over regulated mad house bur with an exploding global population and increasing competition between nations for resources what is one to expect? Yet I will not willingly comply by abiding the norm and sacrificing MY LIFE to toil for enough wealth to afford every safety net or insurance most of yu refuse to leave the dock without.
Also I totally get where your coming frm. If I DID stay around have a career save up and get a 50 100 or more thousand dollar boat I would be very apprehensive about someone like me. But im not waiting, I apologize for going against the grain.
Im leaving while I still can. Ill try my very best not to hit anyone on the way out.
Just dont anchor near me please...I'm one of those saps that waited to buy a newer boat and pay the $2000 a year on insurance on it because I live in Florida.

S/V Jendai
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