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Re: Why a racer for cruising discussion...

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
Sorry for the late reply. Was tied up on boat things... can you believe it???

Ok, lets see...

Winds under 10 kts? Depends. If the wind is behind me (running), I will motor because I will motor at almost hull speed (8ish). If I am making to weather, I will motorsail. It all depends on the winds, but this generally puts me at (or close to) hull speed. But it also depends on when I have to make my next point. I dont mind a leisurely sail. When the kids are down below at school, sometimes that is the best.

BTW, what was your hull number? If you don't remember, what year was it?

As someone who has cruised and lived aboard, consider all the stuff you carried, Jorgenl. Think about where you put it all. Now, go put yourself in a racer-cruiser (a J122 or First) and tell me where all that stuff goes? My point in this is that, depending on your manner of cruising or what your definition of it is, you simply do not have the room to properly stowe all that stuff on many of these boats. And many of the things you carry I believe would be unwise to do without. Instead, what I expect would happen on many of these boats, is that you would end up stuffing the quarter berth with stuff, nets hanging down from the cabin, bags stuffed in every corner, etc. There are of course boats that are faster than the C400 and still have good stowage. Boats that come to mind that I have been on are the Sabres and Tartans, but there are many more. Of course, you are starting to ratchet up the money too... I mean if money wasn't an object, I guess we would all be sailing around on Gunboats and huge Swans. Unfortunately, it is an option and a real reality with most people.

So it is not comfort I am saying is the reason to avoid many of the racer-cruisers, it is their ability to effectively handle the stuff that comes along with cruising.

You also mentioned that you would not go with another inmast? Why? We have more miles under our keel than I can count and have never had a single issue. In fact, I love it.

G'Day Brian,

My hull was #243. 2002 model.

Why not in mast:

1. Basically because of sailshape and performance. I nearly always had a small flap or "flutter" in the leech. Drove me crazy. Hard to control sail shape.

2. Never had any issues with sail not furling/unfurling - but it sure is slooow to furl. A trad main with batt cars can be dropped in 1 s should it be necessary (after coming thru a cut in the Bahamas and having very little space to maneuver while furling main).

3. I would much prefer a traditional main with harken batt cars (although the batt cars also detract from perfomance somewhat...)

Space for all the stuff:

We were only two people on our cruise, wife and I. No kids. If two people cannot fit their stuff on a 40' boat (even if it is a J122) - they have too much stuff.

I carried a lot of tools and spares, remnants of my once decent wine cellar ;-) and cruising guides, charts etc. No books - kindle or ipad takes careof that. three small laptops, small printer, scanner, foulies, ditch bag, first aid kit etc etc. We had space to spare while cruising.

While living on the boat and going to work - differrent story. One need a lot more clothes, shoes etc, especially north of Florida where it gets cold in winter.

Don't get me wrong, I loved our C400, I think it is an excellent boat for what we did.

If I bought a boat again for weekend and occasional week long sails on Chesapeake bay (where summer winds are often light) it would be smaller, maybe 32'-35'. Less systems - more performance and more sailing.
2 people do not need a 40' for that, and I find that the larger the boat the less inclined one is to take it our for a 2 hr sail on a wednesday night after work or for a casual race.

If I bought a boat again for long term cruising - I would carefully consider a performance catamaran (if I had the $$$).

Now, I'm thinking about what kind of tractor to get... ;-)

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