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Re: Why are the Ladies silent on Sailnet?

On the original topic, I have noticed in other internet forums that when the gender balance tips too far in either direction, the tone of the board can suffer. It gets a little too gendered, and the minority gender starts to feel out of place and abandons ship. And it can be either gender. I used to belong to a great board where the gender balance tipped female. It sustained itself for a while, but men continued to appear and leave, while the women stayed around, and now it's almost all women. I don't think men feel too comfortable there.

The same is true of clubs. I used to belong to a great running club, with approximately equal members of men and women. Then I joined the same club in a different city. "Thank god, a girl!" they said, "We've been looking for more women." Then they introduced me to the only other girl who had showed up for the run - also her first day - and we ran together alone as they took off. When I showed up the next week, there were no women, and no one ran with me. Almost 10 years later, they still have no women in that club and I'm not surprised..

I have to say though, Sailnet is clearly a great resource and I've gotten wonderful advice here. But it's the only board where I feel the need to be closeted about my gender in most of my posts. One does get the sense - rightly or wrongly - around here that women aren't taken very seriously.
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