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Re: Cruiser

Originally Posted by chucklesR View Post
For me it's simple. I'm a cruiser because I don't race. I don't race because my boat is a cruising type boat not suited for racing.
I don't live aboard because I can lay in my bed and look at my boat at the dock.
I'll be a live aboard when I lay in my bed and look at other boats at the dock.
I'll be a live aboard when the majority of my possessions are on the boat with me - and my mailing address is somewhere I've never owned, leased, or lived at.

I don't cruise my boat around the bay, I sail it around the bay.
The suitability of the boat for racing or cruising is not relevant. I have cruised for many years in a traditional sailboat that was less suited for cruising than any offshore racing boat and I do not mean cruiser racer. It was a boat with a bare interior.

There are many that race in slow boats that cannot be further appart than a racing boat (that's why there is handicap racing), and others cruise in offshore racing boats. It is what you are doing with the boat that defines cruising not the type of boat you are using to do it.

You can sail all days of your live around the bay on a great cruising boat and still you are not cruising. You can coastal cruise along a shore in an open boat, pull it everyday to shore and sleep in a camp fire and you are cruising (and I know some that had done that).

Many racers, race their boat all year long,change sails and go out cruising with the family on vacations on the same boat they use to race. That's why someone "invented" the cruiser racers, or the word for it because they always existed. The racers while cruising are cruisers.

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Two guys want to be in the V.I.s for the winter. They both start in Marion. One guy steps on his go fast with 3 deck apes and a professional captain. Meets his wife in Caneel Bay a few days later after she flies down. Other guy takes a month off from "real life". Bounces down the east coast with his bride. Has no other plans than being north of Va. until Nov1. Then decides if to take the jump or keep running coastal with the thorny path in mind.
Who is cruising?
There's a little bar graph on the bottom of boat reviews in a sailing rag we all know. Maybe there are boats more suitable for cruising or racing but the activity is all in our mind.
Again, the type of boat is not what define a cruiser, a cruiser cruises and some cruisers besides cruising race too and the opposite is also true.

Cruising in a sailboat has two components: Cruising and sailing.

Some prefer to travel and live with a lot of stuff while cruising and sailing a less fast and enjoyable boat, some like a simpler life while cruising and enjoy a fast sailing boat that puts a big smile on their faces.

A fast boat as a cruiser has not speed by itself as main objective (at least to me, even if my wife would disagree) but the increased pleasure of sailing a fast boat (and leave all behind) the pleasure of having the means to fine tune a boat and learn to sail better and most of all the possibility of sailing while a slower boat would have to be motoring. It has to do with sail pleasure while cruising. If you want maximum efficiency, speed and loading ability get a motor boat.

I am not saying your boat is not a nice cruising boat, I said already many times that I like it (even if it would not fit me) I am saying that cruising is something you do, with a boat or not and regarding a boat, the more efficient and fast way to do it is with a motorboat. Most of us chose a sailing boat because it can be cheaper but most of all because we like to sail. Some want to cruise in better sailingboats that are faster and sail with less wind, others want a better compromise between loading and sailing. There are sailing boats to all tastes and life styles and there are many tastes in what regards cruising.

Now, getting back to cruising. Cruising is cruising, some have boats designed for cruising and never cruise, other have race boats (not cruiser racers), race them and also use them for cruising. Cruising is something you do or not, regardless of the boat, car, bicycle or motorcycle and that you do with your own style and pleasure. Like in sailing, in what regards cruising with a vehicle, not all would chose the same type. There would have choices for all tastes, from 4 wheel drive to 2 seat roadsters to Caravans ending up on motorcycles and among these many types.

I can imagine a motorcycle cruiser that like to drive fast on secondary roads in the countryside using a light and powerful motorbike being pissed by a guy with a Goldwing that wants to convince him that his bike is not a cruising bike and that he should cruise on a proper cruising bike like his. I can imagine the guy that like to cruise on a fast bike suggesting him that he should buy a car.



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