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Re: Insurance rant - How would you respond

"Why does it have to be a crap shoot? "
Why are doctors required to be tested and licensed and reviewed and attend professional education after four years of special schooling and further apprenticeship [sic] and still, they mistreat and kill a quarter million people a year in the US alone? From all sorts of totally avoidable errors.
And you think the insurance industry is going to find, train, and certify surveyors to a better standard?

I think it is a crapshoot because anything else would be incredibly expensive and not at all effective.

You may have a great doctor, but have you ever tried to interview around to FIND one if you need one? You can ask friends, if they've had the same needs or you're looking for a GP. But to "try one on" or even interview their offices? In many places now, older independent MD's are either retiring or moving onto hospital staff, because they don't want to spend the money to computerize their office. (Which means they haven't been using computers for 20 years, which means they are lousy practice managers, but that's something else again.) And once they join a staff someplace, they're often rated on metrics and spending 1/2 hour with a patient needs to be justified--or they're fired.
Time are changing and sadly "Dewey, Screwem & Howe" is no longer a comedy.

Insurers? You can dig up ratings, you can ask around, but for the average customer listening to the little green lizard has some appeal. After all, you've never heard a little lizard lie, have you?

Didn't think so, neither have I. "Idiocracy". (sigh)
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