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Re: Why a racer for cruising discussion...

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post

Part of the problem with our discussion is what I read on the cruising thread you posted on. We have a different idea of what cruising is, which was why I tried to define it in the beginning of this thread.
I agree that is the problem. The problem is that you cannot imagine that another sailor has an idea of cruising different then the one that you have. I have not an idea of cruising regarding what I post on the interesting boat thread. I know what I like and need but I gladly accept that others cruise in a different way and prefer other boats.

If I decided to voyage and cruise in remote places, or if something strange passed my mind and I decided to circumnavigate on the trade winds then I would prefer a different boat, I mean two different boats, one for each situation. On that thread there are many different types of boats for very different cruisers with very different life styles, some much more sportier than mine, others that need or want to do carry more load than the one you carry.

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
I am a fulltime, no home, no address, cruiser. I move a lot, or may spend weeks in an anchorage I love. I have no timetable for return to a land life, ever. I can do this indefinitely or quit tomorrow. My boat is my home, my family's home, and our only home. I spend a lot of time on the hook in remote areas that has no restaurants, no parts stores, no grocery stores, nothing. Or sometimes I sit in a mooring fields like I am right now, waiting for the next weather window to take off (to the Bahamas in this instance where, once again, you better load that boat up cuz you don't want to try and get it in the Bahamas or at their price even if you can). It is my intention to sail down to the carribean, though I think we may sail up the east coast of the US this year... or maybe we won't?? No big deal. I move when I want or don't if I don't feel like it. For the type of cruising I do, I have to carry a lot of stuff. Many of the places I go are relatively remote, and many of the places I plan to go are the same. This means lots of tools and lots of spare parts. This means lots of food. This means lots of tankage. So when you or others start to point out boats for cruising, and I begin picking them apart with the issues they will have, we have a very difficult time seeing eye to eye. It does not make my definition of cruising right or wrong. It does not make yours right or wrong. It is what it is, but our definitions really define what works for us in a boat and what will not. As I have said many times, you can make any boat work. But for the type of cruising I do, and my definition of what cruising is, the boats you often point out have significant disadvantages or issues.
See, that's your problem. You say: "my definition of what cruising is,", Brian a definition is something that is valid for all. You cannot have a definition of cruising without trying to make it stick to all. You have your way of cruising and a boat that fits your way and that's all. Others will have other ways and other boats more suitable.

Regarding living aboard all year and not having a home I cannot just imagine that. Just for my library I would need to have a 100ft boat I am not interested in that as I am not interested in cruising in winter. In fact I have some trouble in imagining how you manage to do that on a 40ft boat, Catalina or not, kids and all.

In fact, in what regards cruising boat design a liveaboard cruising boat is a very particular design. There are no mass production boats designed for that particular criteria. I had a friend that cruised and lived with the family on a boat that seemed adapted to that (it was designed for that) but it was a 60ft boat and even so the space for the kids was not much.

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
Because quite candidly, if 'cruising' is hoping on a boat to go somewhere, hanging around a marina, going to restaurants for dinner, then returning after a few days or maybe some weeks to a residence or parking it at your marina, the things you carry are very different. Is that cruising? Many think so. Many do not. I don't. Whether it is or is not is irrelevant. It is the use of the boat that defines it.
There you go

Each case is a case but on my 100 days of cruising last year I had been 4 times in a Marina, two because I damaged the sails and I had to go there one day to deliver them and another to pick them. My water tankage is good for 3 weeks, not taking special care with the water consumption.

On the 100 days I wasted about 250 liters of diesel (mostly for charging the batteries) and sailed about 3000 Nm.

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
If or when you make it to Brazil (and I bet you do!!!), I think you will see that. And I hope you do come. Hey, maybe I'll be there too or meet you around in Guatemala or the Winwards? I would have a blast cruising with you or meeting you and meeting your family. And what's more, my friend, I will race you to the next anchorage (and yes, I have no problem firing up the engine and cheating when you aren't looking)!!!!

Go enjoy your summer break. Shoot us some pics on here. I will do the same. Check in when you can. When you have a nice glass of wine, facing the sunset, shoot me a toast and we will do the same here.

Take care,
Thanks Brian,

It is not my summer break, it is my 4 months sailing season

That Brazil cruise does not mean much to me without my kids, I will not be an year without seeing them so it will not depend on me.

It seems a lot easier to me for you to come sailing on the Med, after all you live with your kids on the boat. If you do I will be more than glad to help. Not all places are expensive and some of the better natural ports are there.

Have a nice passage to Bahamas. I am waiting for those pics.



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