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Today, with the ever increasing number of models being released by ALL manufactureres, just to keep afloat, they have to cut corners!! Either that or bankrupcy.

That is why its not like in the old days!!

In the end, you get what you pay for, simple as that. It became a commercial race rather than a hobby motivated industry. To win, sell cheap, advertise heavy. (just open a sailing magazine and see what "they" call "good boats" and what they recommend !!!)

It started 10 to 15 years ago, look at all the Beneteau that were called back in 1990's due to osmosis!! Why??? cutting corners!!! They needed the money to buy other boat yards, and stay alive....who paid the bill??? The customer....

That is why I went and had my boat built for me, rather than buying something made God knows how.

And you think bad unfinished wood is bad?? How about keels falling off, Water getting in thru windows, unglued deck hull joints, joints instead of glassed, being sealed with Sikaflex!! The list goes on and on.... things you rarely heard ten fifteen years ago with the frequency we hear them now.

No one is safe anymore, the industry safety standards are going down the drain, now matter how "safe" they claim the boats are now...

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