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Re: Insurance rant - How would you respond

As far as training I agree that SAMS has it together. The problem with SAMS is they are making a lot of money for doing very little.
If you have the opportunity to train people to your own standards, charge them what ever you want and have no recourse from anyone to dispute what you are doing, well thats a monopoly.
Why would you give that up too compitition from every university, college and trade school across north america. You would be shooting yourself in the financial foot. I believe this is part of the reason why marine surveying is not a recognized trade or profession as there is no incentive to do so. The other reason is there is just too much for one person to know and ultimately train someone to know.
There are far to many systems on a boat for any one person to have a complete grasp on everything. What would be a better way is for ticketed tradesmen to inspect each system. A marine electrician can focus on the wiring, a marine mechanic can inspect the propulsion systems, a marine engineer can focus on structure and so on.
What I don't agree with is an uncontrolled industry having such power over people and their assets.
When I hear someone say ,"I can run circles around any surveyor". Well thats the last guy I would want to hire to survey my boat, but that's what you get with an unregulated industry.
A self policing industry that does it's own quality control checks won't work either as there is an element for back patting which seems to already exsist.
I tend to look at marine surveyors this way; it's like giving someone your watch and then asking them what time it is.
What are your thoughts on that ebs001?

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