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Re: Butane camp stove in cabin

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
An unpressurized alcohol stove is about as powerful as a can of sterno. OK, a little more, still not the same as cooking with gas, ...
Mine cooks fine. Everyone I know who has one thinks they cook fine. The BTU rating on modern non-pressurized stoves is within a few percent of that of marine propane stoves.

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
...and the fuel itself still finds ways to leak from the bottle, can, filling, whatever. I'd rather eat cold.
In the stove, the fuel is absorbed in a matting. It can't leak. If you cut the canister in half you might get a few drops. Even if you do spill a little while fueling the stove, it doesn't result in explosive vapors in the bilge.

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
But than again, I also have been in many homes with that nasty explosive propane and LPG and somehow, despite the proven fact that some fo them explode every year? It doesn't scare me away. Or make me cook with that nice safe sterno can of yours at home.
Actually, houses with basements and propane stoves, water heaters, et cetera, DO explode from time to time. That's one reason residential propane tanks are supposed to be located away from the house. Without a sunken basement any stray propane just runs down hill and away from the house, until it dissipates. I use propane in my BBQ at home, and don't worry too much about it, BECAUSE THE FUMES CAN'T BUILD UP ANYWHERE, unlike the situation on a boat.

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
Horses for courses. I'll bet you engage in risky activity every day. Walk on steps. Drive or ride in vehicles. Sleep surrounded by electrical wiring, including kitchen and laundry appliances, which are the number one cause of home fires?

Butane on a boat? Kills fewer people every year than swimming pools, lightning strikes, bicycle know, a long list. There's nothing special about a big pot of water, except, it absorbs a lot of calories, that alky stoves just don't put out.
I just pointed out that non-pressized alcohol stoves are safer than butane. If you want to take the risk, fine by me. But, how about NOT spreading myths and lies while you object?

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