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Re: Butane camp stove in cabin

"Mine cooks fine. Everyone I know who has one thinks they cook fine."
That's circular logic: The folks who don't think they cook fine, have gotten rid of them. So of course the folks who DO have them, think they are fine.

"The BTU rating on modern non-pressurized stoves is within a few percent of that of marine propane stoves. "
Do tell? My comments are based on my experience and perhaps the stoves have changed with the times. Where can one find BTU figures on alky stoves?

Originally Posted by hellosailor
...and the fuel itself still finds ways to leak from the bottle, can, filling, whatever. I'd rather eat cold.

In the stove, the fuel is absorbed in a matting. It can't leak."
Read what you're quoting again. I didn't say it could leak from the stove, I said the fuel itself can still leak from the BOTTLE and other sources.

Originally Posted by hellosailor
But than again, I also have been in many homes with that nasty explosive propane and LPG ..."
"Actually, houses with basements and propane stoves, water heaters, et cetera, DO explode from time to time."
Again, read what you're quoting. I already said that homes DO explode from time to time. And every year, about two gasoline stations also blow up in the US, from folks who couldn't wait to light a ciggy.

"I just pointed out that non-pressized alcohol stoves are safer than butane."
That's arguable, I doubt anyone is actually keeping numbers or recording incidents on either.

"But, how about NOT spreading myths and lies while you object? "
As I said, my comments are based on past experience. And I'd love to see who provides what numbers for BTUs these days. Feel free to convince me that things have changed but last time I looked? Sterno was for the buffet table.

From Origo, a traditional alky stove maker:
"The Origo 4100 cooks with pressure-free alcohol fuel. It boasts two efficient burners...
• 6800 BTU's"

Cheapie Korean BBQ stoves claim 8000 BTUs, which is over 17% higher. 10-11,000 is not uncommon in better burners. And there's one on Amazon that will cost almost 4x more than $25 but says "Iwatani 15,000BTU Portable Butane Stove with Case" which is, according to my math? more heat than both burners on the Origo stove combined. About 20% of the Origo price, too.

Which part of that is myth, lies, or simply incorrect?

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