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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

It's a pretty open ended question..

It seems to me that, Sailing is sailing. People like it or they don't. Many who don't seem to take to it view it as " alot of work"

There's certainly enough men who feel the same way, evidenced by the number of powerboats and jet skiers who prefer to simply turn a key and go.

Typically, I think people are introduced to sailing somehow..either by a parent, a friend, school etc. IF that was a good experience, there's a good chance you might continue.
There are two sisters who occasionally sail with me, whose dad owned the same boat as me growing up. One likes the relaxing aspect, one loves helming, trimming and going fast.

I think Wind Magic's point re: the loads on winches etc is valid and something for designers to consider.
They do make electric winches and those power assist drills that I see at boat shows..I expect that I'll need them someday..or I'll make the typical trawler transition when I can't manage the forces.

There's no shortage of women sailors in my marina. There are several women who own their own vessel. There are quite a few couples who appear to share all the work and the women are all very knowlegable, capable and enthusiastic sailors. My slip neighbor's wife made a leap to the dock last summer that I wouldn't attempt. He was getting blown away from the finger pier. She made the jump before I could get there to help.

I've worked with three female sailing instructors. though, there definitely seems to be more men.

As it happens, my marina is family owned and run. 3 brothers and 6 sisters. ( one a competitive sailor) Three of the women are over 6' tall, any one of them could/would kick my @#$ if I suggested that they had limitations because they were female.
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