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Re: Increase in the number of Moderators

Not that I will say how many, or do we need more mods........ the answer at times could be yes.....

As a note, I do mod on another forum with some 200K reg members, not that ALL 200K post, some probably have never posted, as has probably occured here, some have just plain dissappered.......but on that forum, one mod has a given sectin to deal with, so as an example, wingonwing would have this area, ie general. There are a couple three or 4 of the 15-20 mods that have a the ability to cover what the admin who is paid can do. I only have powers in my area. I also do not have the ability to delete a member, there are only the 3-4 plus the main admin that can do that. If the 3-4 volunteers get ahold of a spammer, they can delete that person. If it were smacky as an example, great guy to pickon in this instance, They can not delete him for any reason with out admins ok.

Could we use a few more mods. possibly....but I will not say any farther than I do. our current mods do a pretty good job, for having a pretty thankless job!

Another forum I mod on, I do have overall moding in any of the threads, but with 3-4K members.......usually only have to worry about a spammer here and there, I delete, send info to the owner of the site. There are 3-5 around the globe that mod, as the main persn is in the UK, another in Germany or sometimes the virgin island or equal....another that does the OZ section is from oz..... that is another story and issue......vegimite comes to mind from a horrible standpoint.........

Oh yes, Brian is NOT the best looking mod either! Porbably worst!lololol

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