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Re: NE Insurance Rates - Reasonable?

Originally Posted by Harborless View Post
My boat was never on a freighter. I believe i asked about paying a freighter to take you through the canal as cargo but no a day that is seemingly pointless.

Here is my reason for not paying 170you per year, which is totally reasonable mind you. If i paid for the haul out and survey then policy right now i would have to put off leaving for yet another year. For two years i have been posting here periodically since mmy boat was a floaring piece o crap. Ive poured all my money into her, my classes, and maintaining my car and paying rent and other bills plus feeding myself. Im sick of it i saved enough money to finally go and because some insurance douche says my personal survey or marina invoices or documented picutre evidence is worthless. I spend what man? 1500 for the haulout survey and policy? When my annual income is 15kthe and the past two years over 10kthere plus the cost of the boat. So ill go without insurance. When i get another job, and im living somewhere im happy, guess what? Ill get insurance. Hell ill get a bigger better boat and a lot of other things to make living self reliant easier..
i could get an outboard for my inflateable for 500you right now too but im going to wait. 500 is more than a month in paradise.
Whether you boil it down to impetuousness or impatience is of no regard as it will add no coin to my cofffer thus no incentive to behave differently in regards to this matter at this time present. My oppinion remains that if someone would offer me a decent rate i would take it. As of yet thats has not occuered

Harborless, just to let you know, I understand were you are coming from and I agree. Funny how all these wannabe Hollywood Pirates will pretend they are carefree and follow the spirit of freedom that supposedly our way of life adheres too. As they joke about, sailing drunk with their,' why's the rum gone' and 'naked women on deck' fake attitude, (I like naked women and rum!), when someone comes along and actually tries to screw the big bad, East India Trading Company (big banks, insurance companies, big government), they quickly shot them down because they are afraid to step over the line into freedom themselves.

I say, fight for your freedom anyway you can. I'm doing the same in my own way. I will carry comprehensive insurance as long as I can, but as soon as the insurance/survey hoops get to be too much, then I go to liability only. And when that gets to be too much, I cut the ties and go free. Not that I don't care, but I am sick of my life being held up because someone else says I have to toe the same line as they do. Well, maybe I don't value the same line if money is the object. Morality, honesty, loyalty are not tied to an insurance policy, they are within an individual and define character. I could be docked next to the riches person in the marina who could afford a fancy lawyer who could screw me out of some damage the may do because they don't want their insurance rate to go up, or I could be docked next to someone who doesn't have an insurance policy and they're mast fall over and hit my boat and they do what ever it takes to help me get it back right again. Integrity is the insurance policy I look for in others.

The rule I go by, always keep your sea chest account with Neptune positive, things seem to work out better that way.

Good luck on your trip Harborless.
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