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Re: Another America’s Cup entry destroyed

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Smack, have you seen what the inside of a NASCAR drivers seat looks like these days? The safety of the driver is paramount and the cars have very strict rules intended to improve safety each year. The NFL has made great strides in seeing that the quarterbacks are not broken into bits anymore.

I'm good with the thrill, just not with the abandonment of safety. All of these sports spilled some blood before they got it. I just see AC going the other way from these risky sports analogies, as the spectacular crashes of the cats has been going on for a while and it was just a matter of time before one killed someone. Everyone knew it.
True - but safety is an evolution...always. Nascar is the perfect example of this. Think about the HANS system - or restrictor plates - or whatever. Everyone knew these were problem areas too before something was finally done after fatalities. Safety follows innovation. That's just the way it's always been in sport.

I don't think that the AC is by any means abandoning safety. But to expect them to pull away from pushing it JUST for "safety" (however that is defined) is an unreasonable expectation. What about the moon mission? Was NASA being irresponsible?

It will all come together. Remember, these are the FIRST vehicles of these kinds in history. The Wright brothers didn't even wear helmets!
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